Thursday, April 1, 2010

~Beach Living 2010~

~The boys kept begging and begging for us to take them to the Tillamook Air Museum. They loved seeing all of the old planes that were inside. I don't know what it is about boys and planes.. but they are very fascinated~

~We were missing Steve and thinking of him and all of those who serve for us in the military~

~One of my most favorite things about living at the beach are the incredible sunrises that we get to enjoy!~

~We love spending time on the beach. Grandma has us all addicted to finding agates and black beach rocks~

~Cole absolutely loves Yoda the dog... but Yoda hated when the water would splash on him~

~Hangin' on the beach with his candy necklace and basketball.. I love this little guy!~

~One of our new favorite hobbies when the weather is nice... building sand castles~

~Cole enjoying his "Book-It" pizza at Pizza Hut. I have been incredibly impressed by Cole and his huge improvements in reading after moving here~

~We drove into Portland to visit the OMSI science center - and of course to visit Samson the T. Rex :)~

~One of the last few "working" lighthouses on the Oregon coast was recently vandalized at Cape Meares and that explains all of the clouded glass. It is so unfortunate that things like this happen. We love taking our friends here to see it~

~The boys were quite surprised to find this dead seal washed up on the beach. They were completely fascinated with it~

~We love picking Cole up at the bus stop and then heading to the beach to play~

~I have found a wonderful way to get Cole to do his spelling homework... he loves to write them out in the sand~

~We had a fabulous Spring Break 2010. One of our stops was for 3 days at the Great Wolf Lodge... the boys were in paradise!~

~This place is amazing. The boys went on most of the slides and loved the wave pool... they were exhausted after spending most of the day at the water park~

~We enjoyed nightly storytime, tons of swimming, scavenger hunts, and playing in the arcade... we will definitely be coming back here~

~Notice the paraglider behind the boys. Right before I ran to get the camera.. the glider was just a few feet from the deck. There are tons of them flying by our windows.. the boys love it!~

~Grandpa surprised the boys today with some fishing poles and a trip to the lake to go fishing~

~Grandpa Larry was so patient and spent the entire time trying to rescue the hooks stuck on rocks & re-rigging the lines. He did an incredible job teaching the boys the magic of fishing~

~We left the lake with no fish, but we really had a great time. The boys were being so patient and loved fishing. I was knee deep in water a few times trying to rescue lures and lines. I even learned how to cast on this trip~

~We are having the best time here at the beach~